Writing with purpose…

Hoi, I’m Jules (Bubblebruise).

I love gaming, Gamers and God.  I have a heart for people that are needing encouragement and as such,  I wish to encourage them to meet/return to Jesus.  I hope to show his great love to all through my love of video games and stories.  I’d like to express my own struggles/experiences/views in my walk with the Lord, so I can write from a standpoint of “me too”.  It’s important that my Sims 4 stories always have a Biblical application.

The Christian life is a battlefield (I think of it in terms of, Ctrl, Alt, Jesus – Reset your mind on Him) and although we are assured that God has the victory, it doesn’t mean that the enemy will cease to try and rob us of our faith & obedience to God by deceiving us.  I’ve lived a life of listening to satan’s lies for too long and I am now passionate about pursuing God’s truths for my life through His word. One of the biggest shocks I’ve discovered is that we are actually supposed to enjoy life.  I had spent years believing we were supposed to be miserable Christians!

I chose the name Bubblebruise last year after breaking my ankle from falling down a hill.  I’m a bit clumsy and frequently have ‘issues’ (hense the bruise).   I’m normally pretty bubbly but I’ve often ‘broken’ easily (Bubbles).  I’ve created this blog after a lot of searching about my purpose.  I read a quote recently that resonated strongly:  “A bad decision made in faith has a greater likelihood of success than a good decision made in doubt.”

Use the ‘Talk to me’ on the front page to contact me.  I’d love to hear more about you and your experiences, no matter where you are at or what beliefs you have.