A collection of mini-stories: Tales from the Quagmire (Part II)

They often amused themselves with tales of their most recent feat of devious intention, trying to always outdo the other; devising ways to collect more screams and find more ‘participants’. It gave them both some twisted sense of purpose and a sense of fulfillment at doing the work of a Deaedric Prince. How clever they were; and yet, having devoted themselves fully to the craft (meticulously planning, calculating and implementing their machinations) they fell into deception themselves. So tuned into the ‘veil’ were they that they failed to see that they themselves were victims.



*Screenshot taken from Elder Scrolls Online (Grahtwood area)

Aunt Lydia was the first to fall, and fall she did. She’d never experienced love, only the sisterly variety. This bond they shared had bound them together, in the darkness having gazed into the abyss together, they were bound by it. She’d experienced moments of lust and on occasion, gave into them, but Mother always called Lydia back to the ‘mission’. Galvin had been different though, she had tasted lust but she kept wanting more. He was an Elfling, the son of a beautiful Elven girl that had been wooed by a Human, a rare occurrence in our lands. Galvin had promised Lydia much, knowing of her craft. He wooed her with enticements to his Elven birthright secrets of magic and lavished expensive tomes on Lydia. Galvin had been gifted into witch academia and was training to be a conjurer. He knew that Lydia’s line of magic came not from study, but of the natural flow of the veil and his family wanted to siphon her essence in a ceremony for their own purposes. The Elder Spirits contacted my Mother, Aethenar and warned her of the family’s intentions. They forewarned her that in order to save the life of her Sister, a child of unknown blood must be sacrificed in an ancient ceremonial ritual, ‘Dreamers Unity’….


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