Pain in the meatballs…

“Alice, I don’t have time for your most recent melodrama about what pair of pants you’re buying,” denounced Vance as he clicked the ‘cancel’ button on his phone, pocketing it quickly before it was able to further interrupt the evenings’ arrangements. His breathing was still laboured with the quick, rhythmic beating of his heart pounding in his ears, restricting his capacity for sight and air. He opened the door and immediately was assaulted by his earlier bad positioning of some library books, “Son of a kinder egg!” Vance screamed as his toe intercepted the particularly thick spine of his latest acquisition, Cooking to Impress.
He quickly composed himself, knowing he only had a few minutes before his guest was due to arrive. He had to get the sauce started so he could secrete the Tramadol, it was just too risky to wait. He maneuvered through the kitchen with the grace and poise of an elegant swan, quickly maintaining the illusion that he’d been hard at work for hours. So composed was Vance that when there was a loud bang at the door, he’d completely lost himself in his task and almost knocked over the saucepan in his frightened state.
He ushered Raj in, making sure to focus on the needs of his guest. “Please, make yourself at home, can I fetch you something to drink,” Vance’s well-spoken, silken voice immediately made Raj feel comfortable. He positioned himself at the table, attentive to his host as he offered, “How is your work going?” Waiting for his drink, he slyly tried to take in a good view of Vance’s apartment looking for commonality between the two men.


The dish was complete and Vance was ready to just start plating-up when the infernal buzzing of his phone initiated, “Alice, I already-…” Vance surreptitiously glanced at his phone and was immediately gripped by a mixture of both panic, nausea and disorientation as his eye’s focused on the caller ‘Dad’. He knew he couldn’t ignore it, gasping for air as he held the receiver to his ear, “What…when…why didn’t you tell me sooner-….of course, I’ll be right there, I’m leaving now-…” His eyes were wild with dismay as he gave a pleading look to Raj, “I’m mightily sorry, Raj, but I’m going to have to ask you to leave, that was my Father and I’m sorry to say I have an emergency to which I must attend….”
They exchanged quick nods as they departed company, Vance bolting for the door faster than a buttered bullet.

What’s the emergency? What would make Vance react so quickly: Readers, I would like to invite you to choose the next part of the story. Comment below with ideas you’d like to see put into the story.

Author’s Note – God will never ask us to do something that’s beyond our ability to cope with. He works and scours the lands looking for those whose hearts will be/are fully committed to Him (2 Chronicles 16:9). He knows everything about us and is abundantly patient with us. (2 Peter 3:9). He works to bring about the plans He has for us (Jeremiah 29:11) if we will come to faith through his Son, Jesus (Isiah 30:18).

3 thoughts on “Pain in the meatballs…”

  1. Found out that dad had been the subject of a mob hit because of his underworld activities. Not dead, but injured, and secured in a safe house


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