Not just Reddit causes headaches…

11-30-17_4-25-25 PM

With bleary-eyes and a thumping headache, Vance was already feeling fragile from being kept awake all night by his neighbours. How was it possible for a couple to spend so much of their time arguing and not be running to the nearest solicitors!? He loaded up his Reddit account and immediately felt regretful when he saw the message box with several new mails. Hate mails for having an opinion, seriously he thought; “I’ll get these fudge-eaters later, how dare they threaten me, they don’t know who they are provoking”. He slammed down the off button as though it had personally violated him, Vance had other machinations that required his immediate focus.

12-28-17_12-21-33 PM

A gentle knock should suffice, want them to think I’m being hospitable. He tried to hide his smirk as he greeted his neighbour, Raj. After exchanging minor pleasantries the foundations of the plan were formed; “I was wondering if you’d be willing to be my Guinea Pig…I’ve a new recipe I’d like to try out”. Raj was dumb-founded by this sudden generosity but accepted graciously. “Ok, great, see you around 7pm? We can catch the game together”. They shook hands and Vance sauntered lazily back to his apartment, an invading devious smile forming on his face.

What is Vance up to!?….

Author’s note – We live in a broken world, where we get our values about what’s right and wrong from; families, friends, peers and various media outlets. Revenge is often viewed as an acceptable outcome when we’ve been wronged. God doesn’t tell us to take matters into our own hands, He tells us the right to judge or act with judgement belongs to Him alone (Matthew 7:1-5). This is not because God is some hyper-maniac-disciplinarian, who loves to issue more rules but because of His great love for us. He wants us to trust Him and His perfect judgement, rather than our own. He knows that many times, the actions we take only result in harming ourselves further, or those around us (Romans 2:5-6). God’s ways are holy and we cannot possibly meet them which is why He sent His perfect Son to be the sacrifice for every wrongful thought/action or intent we’ve ever had. What Jesus accomplished on the cross will always be enough to allow forgiveness to enter into our lives (John 10:10).



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