Trolling is no cure for headaches…


“I’m sorry Mr Zepeda, I’ve already explained to you that we have no availability for you to see anyone today,” The receptionist was noticeably short today. “If you’d like to ring back tomorrow-….”
Vance felt the ‘blackness’ descend upon him. He sprung forth and pounded on the apartment door, fist clenched in a fixed grasp; “Will you just shut the front door, before I kick it in! You’ve kept me awake all night with your insanity-…No, no, I’m very sorry, I wasn’t talking to you, Maisy. I appreciate you’ve tried.” Vance hung-up the phone feeling depleted. He was about to kick at the neighbours’ door when, BAM! A murderous pain in his head shot from the front of his head until it nestled behind his right eye, blurring his vision. He clutched it (as if that would help) and sulkily moped his way back to his apartment, plotting how he would reconcile himself to how he was feeling.
He’d been making good progress recently, or so his therapist said, but he’d received some bad news about his Dad. Instead of dealing with it, Vance had gone out partying with his friends to distract himself. Most of the events were a bit of a blur, but he had woken up on the floor with a black eye and a pounding headache.


He switched on his PC, the gentle humming of the machine bringing him a sense of comfort. Blinking several times, he clicked on the menu bar entitled, Reddit. Nothing of any particular significance went through his head until after a minute of browsing, he spotted a title entry; ‘Re-worked version of Pride & Prejudice to include vampires’. Before he knew what was happening, his fingers were typing furiously, slamming into the keyboard punishing it for it’s part in bringing this news to him. His blood pounded through his ears whilst his vision became tunnel as he seethed with anger. He wasn’t sure how many adjectives he used in his personal attack of the author, but he hoped that it was enough to ruin their day!

More to come soon….

Author’s note – Sometimes we all experience frustration, anger and resentment towards the world and the people in it. In real life, God is busy working, daily bearing the burdens of everyone (Psalm 68:19). He knows everything about us, from why we; for example, like to use Reddit/forums to the times that we rise and go to sleep every single day (Psalm 139:13). He wants us to know how special we are to Him and the depths to which He will pursue a relationship with us (John 3:16). God cries with us when we cry, and rejoices with us when we rejoice, even if we don’t acknowledge him (John 11:35 & Hebrews 5:7). God has sorrow when we don’t choose Him (Psalm 78:40) and longs to have a relationship with us (Zephaniah 3:17).
If this story has in anyway touched you, I’d love to hear from you. You can mail me through contacts, post a comment or follow the link to the discord community that I belong to (Walk in Obedience). We welcome everyone there, no matter their beliefs/views/opinions.
I do not plan on editing any comments that are posted to this site, as I believe everyone has a right to their opinion and has the freewill to make their position know, no matter what it is. Please just be as respectful to others as you can be, we are all on a journey in life. There is no such thing as a stupid question, only a stupid answer and if I am unable to answer any questions presented here, I will either research it or direct you to someone that is able to answer. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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