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Latest episode: Chapter 11 – Ketchup or you’re brown bread!

Sims 4 story – All I got from this Loot Crate was Tide Pods.

Sims 4 story – The parable of the Geisha (Part I)

Elder Scrolls & other mini-stories…

A new Mini-stories section for those looking for a shorter read.  It won’t have the Biblical application but I still have the same aim of glorifying God through my creative works.

A collection of mini-stories: Tales from the Quagmire – (Part I)

A collection of mini-stories: Tales from the Quagmire – (Part II)

Link to my testimony:

A testimony of bubbles & bruises…

Sims 4 – Creative Corner…

If you wish to download any of the characters you see in this story, or wish to view my builds, check out my profile on the Sims Community.

Buckerneir’s Sim Gallery

My current project is based on an Okiya house:


Challenge Corner…

Do you have an idea of a Bible theme/principal that you would like to see featured in the story?  Click ‘Talk to me’ on the side of this page through your preferred social media site.  I’ll endeavor to study the subject and hopefully come up with something. Blessings.

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I’ve setup a Paypal for donations.  Whilst the main reason for doing this blog will always be further honoring God’s name and attempting to bless others through the thoughts/ideas He provides me, writing is still a time-consuming passion.  I have need of resources to do this, things that I am unable to fund myself.

If you feel you would like to donate any amount to support this work, I’d really appreciate it.  A Cappuccino would be fully appreciated xD